“We can show you how to make money by MAGIC“!

When it comes to finding money for important projects around the school, Amazing School Programs may be a great addition to your mix of fund raisers.  With very little work on your part, our team can produce a large-scale show that brings families in by the droves eager to donate money for your worthy cause.

We supply a complete “Project Guide” that takes your committee by the hand and leads them on a step-by-step, day-by-day method for producing our largest show…“Wonder”.  The guide is 144 pages crammed full with ideas, reproducible art, video DVD commercial, radio spot, contests, posters, tickets, flyers, newspaper ads and project flow chart. It will show you 12 ways of making money with this show BESIDES selling tickets.

The 144 page “Project Guide” makes everything EZ!

“Wonder” is a full two-hour show that includes an intermission. Besides selling concessions at the show, the “Project Guide” will show you 11 other ways of making money with this show. Starting to get the idea? “Wonder” is a BIG show that features some of the most mind-bending Grand Stage Illusions like you see on TV or fine resorts. But it also features some of the funniest tricks that utilize volunteers from the audience. One of which is when we bring either the principal, mayor or police chief on stage to take the “Guillotine Challenge”. How was this person selected? People voted in advance with $5 and $10 dollar bills (that your school keeps). And there’s 10 other ways to make money with this show in the “Project Guide”!

“It was hilarious when you brought the head football coach up Terry, the kids loved it”!

“Wonder” is completely self-contained. It is best presented on a stage in a theatre (high school or middle school?) but can be presented in a gymnasium.  It packs it’s own theatrical curtains, sound system, lighting, tables, costumes and props.  The “Project Guide” will help you prepare your space for the show.  All you provide is a small committee to do a little advance work (it’s all in the “Project Guide”) and we are always checking in to see how you are doing and to lend advice.

When the show is over, you will smile on your way to the bank thinking to yourself, “THAT was easy, let’s do it NEXT year”!  And many groups do!  We would be honored to add you to our growing list of “families” that have used “Wonder” to make a difference for their communities in providing clean, wholesome, family entertainment and raising funds for your current and future challenges.