No Bullies Allowed!  B.A.N.D. Together

“B.A.N.D. Together” is a 45 minute program filled with lots of “WOW” moments that evoke screams and laughter. Magic is just the vehicle to impart the message of your students Banding Together to combat all types of bullying. With role playing and audience participation, students learn how to….Be a Buddy, not a bully…Attitude, avoid, ask for help…Nobody deserves to be bullied…Don’t Join In, help instead.

Transform your school into a positive and empowered learning environment. 

BAND Together is an exciting, magical, and fun-filled program designed to educate about bullying. Through the use of comedy, magic, and role-playing with fun masks, students will learn what bullying is and how to identify it. They also learn techniques to help themselves and friends when being bullied and how to prevent bullying.

Students learn and practice techniques in this highly interactive program. 

Students participate in the program through role-playing using masks. Games and role-playing are used to help them master the anti-bullying techniques introduced. This program also discusses: the different types of bullying behavior; how working together lessens bullying; how to open lines of communication; and how bystanders can help.

A complete, comprehensive, packed-with-fun 45 minutes! 

Unique types of bullies are identified and discussed. Students learn tools to address psychological, emotional, and cyber bullying. Effective strategies leave students and staff feeling empowered and closer together.

Program Concepts 

Bullying happens when: a person or group hurts or scares another person on purpose, and the person being picked-on is unable to defend himself or herself. Bullying is recurring; it usually happens over and over again.

We can’t discern or tell who a bully is by the way a person looks. The way a person behaves makes someone a bully. Some of the most common bullying behaviors include verbal bullying, physical bullying, intellectual bullying, social bullying and cyber bullying. All of these are serious behaviors and need to be addressed!

Bullying happens most frequently at school. Bullies choose places at school where they can find victims and where there is limited supervision. These places may include: the bus, the playground, the gym, the cafeteria, the bathroom, and hallways.

S.A.F.E. is an acronym to help remember what to do and how to act when being bullied. S.A.F.E. stands for: Speak up, Ask an adult for help, Find your role, End it quietly.

Sometimes we know about bullying happening to someone else. The person being bullied needs a H.E.R.O. to step in! H.E.R.O. is another acronym to help remember what to do and how to act when bullying happens to someone else. H.E.R.O. stands for: Help out, Empathize, Report, Open communication.