How long is your show?

Most assembly programs are 45 minutes in length. The exception are versions of the show that are for the whole family or are used as a fund raiser.  For these events, show times vary from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

What kind of space do you need for the show?

The show can be presented easily on a stage/gym.  But certainly in any space such as a gym, cafeteria, multipurpose room, etc.  Most shows include a theatrical backdrop curtain, sound system and all necessary props and tables.  Generally a space that can be called the “stage” that is 12′ wide by 8′ deep is sufficient.  Students typically sit on the floor with adults in chairs.  Family events work best with the whole audience in chairs with families setting together.

How much time do you need to set up the show?

Most assembly shows can be set up in 30-40 minutes.  The show can be packed up in 20-30 minutes.  The set-up and tear-down times are critical to a magician and it is requested that no students are present at these times.

What do you need from us?

After signing in, Terry likes to move his car to a door closest to the room he’ll be performing in. A custodian that can direct Terry to the correct door and ensure it is unlocked is helpful.  Terry may have suggestions on adjusting the performance space that will make the show the best possible.  A working electrical outlet is needed.  Stairs and long hallways should be communicated to Terry at time of booking (and avoided if possible).  Terry will coordinate with the principal or other staff member on how to kick off the show and end it in an orderly fashion.

How do we take care of payment?

The full fee is due immediately at the conclusion of the show.  Most schools pay with a check.  We can provide all necessary information for billing and tax purposes if needed.  At the time of booking, a contract and invoice will be emailed.

What grade levels are the shows appropriate for?

Terry has written the shows to be appropriate for K-6 all at once.  Some schools prefer to split the audience for various reasons.  An additional fee is incurred with a second performance.  The show is designed to be seen by up to 500 students.  When Terry consults at the time of booking, the grade level(s) and audience size will be discussed to ensure Terry brings the appropriate show.