SAFETY is what you are really after. And providing a unique “young adult” experience that will make them glad they came. Terry has the experience and the show that will get them excited about being “locked in”.

“Wonder” is a show that gets the whole audience involved in creating the magic. It’s a thrilling “comedy club” style show that’s “squeaky clean” but has moments of shear awe and wonder. Two guys will lock Terry up in the “Houdini Challenge”, one girl will perform the incredible “Egg Trick” without a clues as to how she did it and one girl will defy gravity and actually float in mid air during “The Levitation”. Terry will send a few shivers up the spine as he demonstrates the techniques used in “seances” (perfect for those 2am shows!). And one brave soul (coach, principal,etc) will participate in “The Chinese Guillotine Mystery”. THIS one will have all the cell phone cameras out and non stop laughs with just a moment of terror! This one hour show is a roller coaster ride of mystery, comedy and FUN!

“Wonder” is a complete theatrical experience with ┬ácustom backdrop, sound system/microphone, music, special effects and some really mind-bending illusions. It can play in almost any room or on stage that is approximately 16′ wide and 12′ deep.